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Express Yourself on Austin Roads With Trendy Body Shop Auto Paint

When the first cars were sold, they all came in black because the “luxury” was having a vehicle and not on the color. Cars were finally sold in different colors in the early 1920’s. Today, you can have a vehicle with any color you choose and even colors that change.

The specialty of auto painting has become more than just painting a car one color. It is now an artistic skill that gives a vehicle a unique depth and the car becomes mobile artwork.

Color Choices

When cars first featured a color other than black, that was innovative. Now, vehicles may feature multiple colors or change colors. For example, an iridescent custom paint detail can create different shades of color in different lighting.

And if you really want a color-changing vehicle, several layers of what is known as “thermochromic” paint, or paint that changes with heat, was used on a BMW X6 and when hot water is poured on the vehicle, The Incredible Hulk is revealed.

Bold Colors

When most people think of a bold color for a car, they might think of red since it is bright and stands out from more subtle colors. When car owners pay for a custom auto paint job, they want a unique color. There are very few Molten Pearl Lexus vehicles on the road or Austin Yellow BMW cars because these colors are not offered directly from the dealer and require a paint job by a professional at a body shop.

No matter the price range of the vehicle, some car owners like to get creative with unusual tones. An owner of a Bentley can get it in bright blue or a Rolls Royce owner can have the vehicle in purple with a custom paint job.

Custom auto painting like these examples takes the skill and talent of a trained paint technician. Show off your unique style with a custom paint job from the expert team at Ellis & Salazar Garage and Body Shop. Our team will create the look you want so you can travel the roads different from the rest.

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