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Venturing out on the roads and exploring new territories is supposed to be fun. But when an accident happens during a trip, it brings the adventure to a halt.

If you or your passengers are not injured, the primary focus is taking care of the details from the accident. With minor damage, you may be able to drive your vehicle, continue with your road trip, and schedule collision repair in Austin when you return. But if your car is severely damaged, you will need to work out additional details with your insurance company.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Before you take a road trip, it is best to check your insurance policy to know everything your policy includes. Requirements for minimum coverage varies from state to state or in other countries. Most policies should cover you nationwide and in Canada. If your plans take you anywhere beyond those locations, check with your insurance agent to find out if you are covered.

It’s helpful if you can find out the insurance laws for the location you are going, so if an accident does happen you know how to comply. No matter where the accident happens, reporting it to your insurance agent is the same.

Collision Repair on a Road Trip

After the accident, talk with your insurance agent about towing your vehicle if it is not drivable. A car insurance policy typically covers towing within a specific mile range from where you are located. If you choose to have your vehicle towed back home, the additional miles may be your responsibility to pay.

At Ellis and Salazar Garage and Body Shop, we hope you have a safe road trip. If you do get in an accident, contact our team and you can work with a personal service consultant who can handle insurance and schedule repairs. We will perform quality repairs to your car so you can head out for more road trips that hopefully have a better ending.

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