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Auto makers continuously develop new safety technology to prevent serious injuries or deaths resulting from an accident. Decades ago, the innovations focused on keeping the driver and passengers safe, such as when the seat belt was invented.

Seat belts save more than 15,000 lives every year, but they don’t prevent collisions from happening. Now, auto makers are focusing on accident prevention technology.

Driver Technology

The most experienced and best drivers can make mistakes and be distracted. Drivers can only see so far around a vehicle. This is why auto manufacturers are taking a closer look at what leads to the most common driver mistakes.

Many new vehicles already offer warning features such as rear cross-traffic, blind-spot, and lane departure. These systems are only available on select models, but may soon become standard on every car.

With a high rate of accidents involving teen drivers, car makers are focusing on teen driver safety. Smart keys, like ones from GM, can track the teenage driver and give parents a report of the teen’s driving. Ford unveiled its MyKey technology that gives parents the option to set limits in the car, such as radio volume, to reduce distractions for the teen driver.

The Future of Safe Cars

Auto makers invest a tremendous amount of their budgets and time making vehicles safer. Changing the look of the vehicle is only a small portion of what goes into rolling out a redesigned car for a new year.

Recently, Volvo announced its goal to end all fatalities and deaths in its new vehicles by 2020. Among the safety features the maker is including on new vehicles is steering assistance. This activates and steers the car away from an obstacle at speeds between 31 mph and 62 mph, when the automatic brakes are not enough to avoid a collision. Another feature Volvo offers is oncoming lane mitigation that prevents head-on collisions between 37 mph and 87 mph.

These advancements are making a difference in our personal safety, but an accident can still happen and car owners will continue to have visits to collision repair shops.

If you have an accident, give Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision a call. Our certified technicians can repair your car back to factory specifications and get you back on the road.

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