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Unless you are a collision repair technician, it’s hard to know if any collision repairs made to your vehicle are completed correctly. Before you take a wrecked car to an auto body shop, get recommendations and then do some research on those shops.

Find out if the repair shop holds any certifications and which certifications the shop has earned. This should be the first step to determining if the technicians are well-trained to make repairs on your vehicle model.

Certifications from Vehicle Makers

Vehicle makers offer certifications for the technicians to have a solid understanding of how to repair the newest vehicles with the latest technology and methods. Technicians who are trained by different vehicle makers will know how to make repairs unique to your car and to the standards set by the auto maker.

A technician must have at least two years of experience before going through the process to earn certifications. All technicians at each of our Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision locations maintain certifications from a variety of vehicle manufacturers including Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Audi, and more.

Certifications for Collision Repair Shops

Certifications from auto makers are not the only designations that a body shop can have. Additional certifications mean the team of technicians at the repair shop had to take additional training and meet requirements. This means the collision shop is dedicated to making repairs that are precise to a make of vehicle.

At Ellis & Salazar, we earned the iCar Gold Class designation, which is the highest training achievement in the auto body repair industry. We achieved this status by hiring expert technicians who have advanced skills, who can repair the cars in less time, and perform superior repairs.

Additionally, we are Assured Performance Certified, Factory Aluminum Certified, and we hold the ASE certification. Our team at Ellis & Salazar strives for these certifications because they result in well-trained technicians who can exceed your expectations. We are committed to requiring our technicians to complete ongoing training so your vehicle is repaired by technicians who know how to repair any vehicle that comes to our shops.

If you have damage to your vehicle, give our helpful team at Ellis & Salazar a call to schedule a free estimate. We will get your vehicle fixed to the manufacturer’s specifications so you can get back on the road.

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