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After a car wreck, you want your vehicle back to its factory condition. The best way to guarantee this is to find an Austin collision repair shop that offers certified collision repair. Find out if the body shop has technicians who are certified by the manufacturer of your car.

Gm factory and austin collision repair

If you own a GM vehicle, finding a body shop in Austin that has technicians certified by GM will soon be easier as the result of a new program the manufacturer is launching. This new program places tougher criteria on collision centers to ensure high quality repairs.

How to Find a GM Certified Collision Repair Shop

The more extensive collision certification program GM is launching will hold Austin body shops to higher standards. The manufacturer also says it will make finding the best body shops Austin, Texas has to offer easier.

GM will use a shop’s performance criteria to create a list of the best collision centers. GM uses its OnStar platform to refer the best performing shops in an area to GM car owners. Owners of a GM car will know the recommended shops met the criteria.

The Criteria for Certification

GM raises the bar with its new program. The manufacturer is adding more detail to make the program more extensive than standard manufacturer certifications. Each item will have a score and GM will use metrics to determine which body shops are the best for referrals.

Included in the new program are checks such as pre-repair and post-repair scans to ensure any damage is caught before repairs and that it is fixed after the repairs are made. There are also benchmarks for performing recalibrations and specific methods to use for making a weld.

At Ellis & Salazar Automotive & Collision, an Austin body shop, we have performed collision repair on thousands of GM vehicles in Central Texas. Our technicians routinely certify with manufacturers, including GM, to stay current on the latest procedures. And we make sure all of our Austin collision center locations have the right equipment to fix your car back to its factory condition. Contact us for a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool to get the repair process started.

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