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auto body repair regulation in Texas

There are a number of laws in the Lone Star State that regulate how businesses operate. It may surprise some that there is not a specific law in Texas that governs auto body repair shops. That doesn’t mean that body shops do not have regulations to follow.

As you are choosing body shop locations in the Austin area, keep in mind that all auto body repair shops must meet or pass environmental regulations and inspections. There are agencies that enforce criteria that every body shop in Austin must follow. 

Deceptive Repairs

Every customer should review an estimate before the repairs begin to know exactly what will be done to the car and how much it will cost. Customers should also review the cost when paying. It may be difficult to know if the repairs as charged were made, but this can fall under Deceptive Trade Practices – Consumer Protection Act.

If an Austin body shop made unnecessary repairs, charged for new parts but installed used parts, or if parts were not replaced, the customer should file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s office.

Requirements for Body Shops

No law governing collision repair doesn’t mean there are not regulations. All collision shops must meet a variety of requirements to stay in business, including the best body shop Austin has to offer. These regulations include those established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The TCEQ has a checklist of requirements that involve waste, water, and air and shops must be in compliance every day. The state agency mandates these stipulations and a collision repair shop is required to fix anything not meeting these requirements.

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