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The more you know about collision repair it improves the likelihood of high quality repairs made to your vehicle. Austin body shops make several steps throughout the process of fixing your car, so how can you know if the technicians are taking the auto body repair steps?

what auto body repair steps are important
Before you take your car to a collision center, ask about these five steps. Then when you pick up your vehicle, follow up on these steps.

Checking the Vehicle for Damage

Every body shop in Austin scans a vehicle for performance issues and verifies any damage to operational parts. Before repairs begin, technicians should perform a pre-scan of the vehicle. This helps the technician find any damage not immediately visible.

Following Procedure for Auto Body Repair Steps

After the team thoroughly inspects the car, the technicians at an Austin body shop should review internal protocols. Then the team must refer to the manufacturer’s repair recommendations to follow the recommended procedures. This is essential for the car to be safe for driving after repairs.

As an example, if the manufacturer recommends using certain parts or tools, but the shop does not have access to those and uses a substitute, this may compromise the safety of the vehicle. Body shops Austin residents recommend know to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Quality Check

All collision centers use an internal checklist. This ensures that shop’s meets standards of quality on every car fixed. If you take your car to a place that has been recommended to you because of the quality of work performed, this is a good indicator that the shop has a detailed checklist and knows what to inspect for quality.

Final Scan

Once the technicians do their own inspections, a post-scan should be performed on the vehicle to ensure that anything operational that was broken is working again and to also make sure the repairs did not cause anything to malfunction. When a team follows all recommended procedures, there should not be any malfunction issues.

Clean the Car

When you pick up your vehicle, it should be clean. A clean vehicle is more than a customer service perk. This gives the customer the ability to have a good look at the repairs. If you needed car paint, take a look at your car in the daylight for any flaws in the paint job.

At Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin auto body shop, we have believed in providing the highest quality for more than 60 years. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about our high-quality collision repair.

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