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After a car wreck, you may have body shop questions. The process can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time.

Remember that you are not alone with body shop questions and there are some that are frequently asked at a local auto body shop. The more you know about collision repair it will make repairs easier and more efficient.

who can answer your body shop questions

Finding a Repair Shop Who Will Answer Your Body Shop Questions

Most people go to an auto body shop based on recommendations, which can be very helpful. Your insurance agent may also recommend a body shop. Take these recommendations into consideration but keep in mind that the decision on where you want your car repaired is yours. Insurance companies have a list of direct repair shops, or DRP. The insurance companies regularly monitor these body shops to make sure they still meet their set criteria. If you choose to have your car repaired by the recommended DRP, the repair process may be more efficient because DRP shops can begin the repairs and not wait for the insurance adjuster.

Certified Collision Repair

Before taking your car to any one of the Austin body shops, find out if the shop offers certified collision repair. This means manufacturers train the technicians to repair that specific model of vehicle. If your car is new, find out how often technicians train. This gives you an idea of their experience on the newest vehicles.

Fast Estimates

The biggest question you may have is how much the repairs will cost. Most shops will not provide an estimate over the phone. Technicians need to see damage for a general idea of the repairs needed. However, at Ellis & Salazar Collision, an Austin body shop, a Smartphone Estimating Tool is available to find out a quick approximate cost of repairs. Drivers snap a photo, send some information, and get an estimate. However, this estimate is not a final cost and the amount can change once a technician thoroughly looks at the car for any damage that isn’t immediately visible.

Ellis & Salazar has been providing body shop repair in Central Texas for more than 60 years. We are ready for any questions you may have about the repairs and process. Use our estimating tool for a free estimate or give us a call to schedule your repair.

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