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After a car accident, you have a general idea of how bad the damage is to your vehicle. If your vehicle isn’t obviously totaled, the complete extent of what needs to be repaired can only be determined by someone who is trained in auto body repair. There could be additional damage behind a dented door, fender, bumper, or under the hood.

A technician at a body shop in Austin who offers certified collision repair by the maker of your vehicle is the ideal person to inspect a wrecked vehicle. Certified technicians complete rigorous and ongoing training to know the latest technique and repair standards as required by the manufacturer. They know precisely what to inspect beyond the cosmetic damage on a car.

Inspecting the Damage

Another driver bumps your car with their vehicle. If it only appears that the car has a dent, that may not be the only damage. It’s possible other parts could need repair, such as a power window. Any dent to a car should be looked at by a certified technician for safety reasons. The technician will know right away if the car is out of alignment or if there are broken mechanical parts underneath the body of the car.

Understanding a Repair Estimate

When body shops in Austin give a repair estimate, it includes the cost of the parts and the estimated labor costs. At Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin body shop, we provide free estimates.

Before giving an Austin body shop the green light to repair your car, review the estimate and ask any questions you have. Our friendly team at Ellis & Salazar can answer any questions you have and we want to make sure you understand the cost and process before the work begins.

Getting an estimate is quick and efficient with Ellis & Salazar’s Smartphone Estimating Tool. We will send you a preliminary estimate within 24 hours after you have submitted photos. This estimate is only based on visible damage from the photos and can change once a technician completes an inspection of the car. Download our estimating tool now so it is ready on your phone if you do get into an accident.

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