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When a car accident happens, you don’t want to worry about repairs made to your vehicle. You need an auto body repair and paint shop that provides the highest quality repairs. You need Ellis & Salazar.

We want to exceed your expectations and that is why at Ellis & Salazar we require our technicians to be certified and trained on the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment.

Ellis & Salazar Certifications

Drivers of luxury and high-performance vehicles own them for the experience and quality. If the vehicle is damaged in an accident, you want it to be in its original condition after it’s repaired and we are experts at providing the highest quality collision repair.

Your vehicle is important to you and the repairs matter. That is why Ellis & Salazar holds the iCar Gold Class designation. This means that because our technicians have thorough training, we can provide exceptional repairs in a shorter amount of time than other body shops.

Ellis & Salazar requires all technicians to be certified and highly trained to the specifications from auto makers. Our complete list of certifications includes:

·       Audi

·       Chrysler

·       Ford 150

·       Honda Pro First

·       Hyundai

·       Hybrid

·       Infiniti

·       Jaguar

·       Jeep

·       Land Rover

·       Nissan

·       Porsche

Ellis & Salazar has aluminum certified repair facilities with technicians who are trained by automotive manufacturers on how to properly repair aluminum on the vehicles they make. With these certifications, it is our commitment to you to provide the very best repairs to your car.

Lifetime Warranty

At Ellis & Salazar, when we commit to providing the best quality collision repair, we back those promises up with a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty on our repair services and any paint services we provide are backed by the Axalta Nationwide Guarantee.

If you get into an accident, contact the helpful team at Ellis & Salazar. We will make sure that your experience with auto body repair is efficient so you can get back on the road.

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