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Do I have a choice for where my car can be repaired?

It is your right to choose the collision repair shop that will fix your vehicle.

Selecting Ellis & Salazar as your body shop means you will have a team of experts who want what you do, quality repairs. We follow the standards from every auto maker and use recommended parts and procedures.

How long will the collision repairs take?

The time to make the repairs depends on a few factors including the scope of the damage, how quickly parts will be available, and obtaining approval from the insurance company. Our team works diligently to make quality repairs in the least amount of time possible.

Our goal is to make the repair process efficient. Before we begin repairs on your vehicle, we provide you with the date when your vehicle will be ready.

At times, there could be a delay due to issues shipping parts or hidden damage. As soon as our team notices an unexpected delay, we will notify you immediately and work to resolve the issue.

We focus on exceeding your expectations with remarkable service and repairs.

Why can’t I get an estimate over the phone?

Ellis & Salazar wants to provide you with an accurate estimate and to accomplish this our team needs to thoroughly inspect the vehicle to look for any damage that isn’t detected in a photo or through a description on the phone. When our expert technicians carefully look over your vehicle, they use professional estimating software to determine a detailed estimate. We always provide free estimates.

Where do I get my claim number?

Your insurance company provides you with the claim number once the company is notified about the collision. We will need the claim number to begin repairs. If you don’t have the claim number, contact your insurance agent or let us know and we can contact your agent for you. We are happy to help with any insurance details.

What makes Ellis & Salazar different by being a direct repair shop?

You want to work with a direct repair shop, like Ellis & Salazar. Direct repair shops are considered by insurance companies as “preferred shops” because they have met specific criteria such as a good customer satisfaction record, having certified technicians, and having necessary equipment to make a variety of repairs.

Direct repair shops can write an estimate, order parts, and begin repairs without waiting on an insurance adjuster. This makes the collision repair process more streamlined.

Ellis & Salazar is regularly monitored by insurance companies to maintain its direct repair shop status.

Will I have to pay a deductible?

Your insurance company and the type of policy you have determines the amount of deductible you pay.

Typically, if you were not at fault in the collision and you carry broad collision, your deductible may be waived by your insurance company. Contact your insurance agent for any questions you may have regarding your deductible.

Do I pay my deductible to Ellis & Salazar?

If you have a deductible to pay, it is owed to Ellis & Salazar when the repairs are complete. Contact your insurance agent for any questions about your deductible.

What are betterment charges?

Betterment charges are for any parts like batteries, tires, or suspension parts that become worn with use or over time and are replaced during repairs. Your insurance company determines the charges and prorates them based on vehicle mileage.

Why are parts ordered before I drop off my vehicle for repairs?

Ellis & Salazar orders parts before the repairs begin to provide a faster repair time. We order parts when the estimate is complete and a vehicle drop-off date is set.

If a vehicle is determined to be unsafe to drive during the estimate, we immediately order parts and will reserve you a rental car to drive while repairs are being made.

If the frame of my vehicle is damaged, is my car a total loss?

If the price of the repairs is greater than what your insurance company determines is the value of your vehicle, then your vehicle is a total loss.

If your vehicle’s frame is damaged, our certified technicians use a state-of-the-art computer program to repair your car back to factory specifications. Any section of the frame that is damaged beyond repair can be replaced.

Will any paint work that you do match the current paint color on my car?

Absolutely! At Ellis & Salazar, we focus on every detail of the repair process, including paint work. We regularly upgrade our technology to have the latest and the very best paint system available to ensure a precise match to the car’s original factory finish.

Can I have other damage fixed while having recent body work repaired?

Any damage can be repaired on your vehicle during a visit. Just let our team know all the repairs that you want made to your car.

Can Ellis & Salazar help me get a rental car?

Our team is here to help and we can take care of scheduling a rental car for you. Check with your insurance agent to determine if your policy covers a rental car or if there are any restrictions.

How will I know when my car is ready?

We will contact you when repairs are completed to your car.

If you would like to check the status of your car during the process, login to the Ellis & Salazar website and the status of your vehicle repairs will be on your customer information page. If you have any questions or concerns during repairs, please give us a call.

Do I need an appointment for collision repair?

After your estimate is complete, you can schedule a date to drop-off your vehicle for repairs.

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