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The odds of being in a car accident increase as the Austin area grows. If you’ve found yourself in this position, you aren’t alone. With all the options available for a local auto body shop, how do you know which one to choose? The situation gets more complicated if you have a teen driver.

The differences go beyond cost. Services and quality set shops apart. Consider local auto body shops that can provide special benefits. Local shops compete for business. Check online reviews to see what other customers are saying. Good reviews give you confidence that your vehicle will be in good hands. Additionally, consider reputation when it comes to repairing your car. Make sure you choose a local auto body shop with a history of doing quality work. Your vehicle is a big investment, and one that you rely on daily to keep you safe. Cheaper isn’t always better if it means the shop is cutting corners and not doing the job right.

Austin has lots of traffic. How do you find the best local auto body shop when you have a wreck?

Choosing a local shop means you support a business that may give back to your community. That also means what you spend on repairs goes further. Think about what matters most as you research for an Austin auto body shop.

Establishing a Relationship with a Local Auto Body Shop

The highest quality auto body shop Austin offers earns trust through remarkable customer service. Collision centers frequently earn new business through recommendations. If a customer sees quality work and has a positive experience, that establishes trust.

Body shops in Austin depend on reviews and recommendations.This service is not like maintenance where customers may return frequently. If a customer shares a positive experience, others may bring their vehicles in for repair.

Shops with More Than One Location

You may find an Austin auto body shop has more than one location. Shops with multiple locations can bring additional benefits to the customer. Multiple locations indicate success for an auto body shop.

With additional locations, the auto body shops have more resources. Shops can share tools and parts. Also, it helps technicians share expertise.

Ask a body shop in Austin with multiple locations if it honors warranty at any location. If you have an issue with the repairs and you are not near the original shop, it helps to go to the nearest collision center to have warranty work completed.

Insurance Company Referrals to Local Auto Body Shop Providers

Your insurance agent may recommend a few Austin body shops. These shops are on the insurance company’s list as direct repair shops. You can use a recommended shop or choose one on your own. However, there are benefits to using a direct repair shop.

Insurance companies set criteria for shops to meet and maintain. Choosing a direct repair shop can save time because many provide a more streamlined process for repairs and payment. Some shops are considered a “one-stop shop” for giving an estimate, repairing the vehicle, and providing a rental car to pick up. Additionally, some insurance companies give preference to shops that provide reasonable time frames and costs. Most direct shops offer a lifetime warranty versus one with a time limit.

Remember that you have the choice of any collision center you want to take your car.

Certified Collision Repair

Once you find a local body shop, find out how often technicians train. Certainly, ask if that shop has the proper tools to fix your vehicle.

Above all, ask about the shop’s certified collision repair. Not only are the technicians trained by manufacturers, but the vehicle makers typically require the shops to have proper equipment.

Also, if you have an aluminum-made vehicle, this is a separate certification technicians must obtain. Shops must have proper equipment, and some manufacturers require a separate area for repairs.

If a local auto body shop has all of this, it is a sign it invests in its employees and the shop to earn your business. Consequently, local auto body shops can spend thousands each year for training and new equipment.

Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin body shop, has served customers in the Austin area for more than 60 years. Our certified technicians can perform paintless dent repair and collision repair on a variety of vehicle models. This includes luxury models such as Porsche, Land Rover, and Audi. We are also aluminum certified. Even more, we believe in giving back to the communities where we work and live. Whether it’s repairing and donating a car or participating in a local event, we are proud to be in the Austin area. Contact our team to schedule a free estimate or use our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a fast estimate that you can do at any time. Our goal is to make collision repair hassle free.

If you have lived in Central Texas for some time, you know the types of hailstorms this area receives. They can take a toll on vehicles, leaving behind significant damage or in some cases, totaling them. Williamson and Travis counties are both in the top 25 for the most hail insurance claims in the past 10 years, according to a recent study.
Watching weather updates during prime severe weather months can help prevent damage if you have a place to park it in a garage or under an awning. Without shelter for your vehicle, you may be forced to have hail damage repair made to your vehicle.

Survey the Damage

After the storm is over, take a good look at your car. Walk around all sides and take note of any pings, dents, or broken glass. Also check the roof of the vehicle. If you have a sunroof, make sure it is working properly. Large hail damage will be more obvious, but smaller damage will need to be looked at in daylight.

With smaller dents, look closely at them to see if the paint is cracked or chipped. This will make a difference what type of repair can be performed on your car.

Photograph the Damage

Make sure your car is parked in good light and take up close and wider photos of the damage. These images will be useful for your insurance company and an Austin auto body shop.

Know Your Insurance Policy

Knowing what your insurance policy covers will help you prepare for any expense you have to pay out of pocket. Look at your policy closely or call your agent to find out how you are covered for hail damage.

Some policies will cover hail damage under collision repair and the policy may also cover paintless dent repair (PDR). PDR is often cheaper that the cost of auto body repair, which is why some policies will cover the full cost of PDR. If you have a broken windshield, find out about coverage for auto glass repair.

Paintless Dent Repair or Collision Repair

When looking for Austin body shops that can repair your car, find collision centers that provide certified collision repair to ensure the work is to the manufacturer’s specifications, and if the technicians are certified to perform PDR repairs. Ask if they offer a free estimate.

Most hail damage can be fixed with PDR. This method has been proven to be effective, which is why you may see temporary PDR facilities set up by insurance companies after a storm. In most cases, PDR requires less time than auto body repair. Less time also translates to a lower cost since it is not as labor intensive.

PDR has further benefits by maintaining the original factory car paint on your vehicle. While it is not the same as collision repair, it still requires proper training and certification for a technician. Find an Austin paintless dent repair location with certified technicians. To perform PDR, the back panel from where the damage is located is rubbed and a shrinking method is performed using special tools.

Paint work is not part of PDR, so if the hail chipped or cracked your paint you will need auto body repair. If any dents are near the edge of a panel, they cannot be removed using PDR. Search for a body shop in Austin that offers certified collision repair to ensure the repairs are performed to the manufacturer’s specifications and that the paint will match the original factory color.

Repairing a Used Vehicle with Hail Damage

If you are in the market for an inexpensive used vehicle, you may find one with hail damage that is minor and being sold at a lower price.

Before purchasing a hail damaged car, have a technician inspect the car. Some damage may have been repaired and you will want to make sure there are not any issues. Check with your lender to be sure you can finance a damaged car and ask your insurance agent if it will qualify for comprehensive insurance. It is your choice if you want to drive the car with the damage or have it repaired after purchasing.

Research Body Shops in Austin

When hail falls in Central Texas, that is the prime time to know which body shop Austin, Texas residents prefer for repair. It only takes a few minutes for a brief, but strong hailstorm to hit and cause extensive damage. Take some time to find a body shop that will provide high quality repair.

Search for a place that has technicians who are certified in PDR and also certified by the manufacturer of your car. A shop that meets these criteria will have the right equipment for repairing your vehicle and the technicians will know how to return the car back to its factory condition. If your vehicle is new, find out if the technicians were recently certified so they know about any new techniques needed to make the repairs.

Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin body shop, we have repaired thousands of hail damaged vehicles during our more than 60 years in Austin. Our technicians are routinely certified to perform PDR and auto body repair. Try our Smartphone Estimating Tool for a fast estimate that is free and makes collision repair efficient. Our goal is to make your experience hassle-free.

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