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Tag: car maintenance

Many people are mapping out their summer road trips. There is arguably no better way to get to explore America then by car, but all too often, these summer adventures get thrown for a loop by unexpected auto issues.

Some of these issues can be prevented by taking the time to prepare your car and give it a good checkup before you hit the road for summer fun. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things you can do to prep your car before that epic summer road trip.

Inspect Oil & Fluid Levels

One key step to take before you hit the road is to check your oil level and see when you are next due for a change. If it is almost time for an oil change, it is probably a good idea to do so before taking off. Checking the levels of other fluids, including windshield washer fluid and transmission fluid, is also wise. Your car is likely to face long hours of driving during any road trip, and having the proper fluid levels can help keep it running.

Tire Tune Up

A common road trip issue is tire trouble. To help prevent unexpected issues with your tires, give them a thorough check ahead of the trip. Make sure the air in the tires matches the level that is recommended in the manual. You can also visually check the tires’ tread and inspect for signs of bulges and extreme wear. Although replacing old tires can be an unwelcome event for many drivers, it will be much better to handle the issue at home than on the side of the road during your vacation.

Call in the Professionals

Probably the best way to prepare for a road trip is to take your car into an Austin mechanic shop. Tell the team that you simply want a checkup before a road trip, and they can help make sure your vacation isn’t interrupted by auto troubles. If any fluids are found to be low, the pros can quickly address it, plus they can check systems like your brakes, steering and battery, and inspect hoses and belts.

If you have dings or other damage to your car and need a body shop, Ellis & Salazar Garage & Body Shop is here to help. Our top-notch team provides excellent auto body repair in Austin, Texas. Contact us today to learn more.

There are significant benefits to keeping your car looking new.  Some of these values are intangible and others are obvious.  In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why it makes good sense for you to keep your car looking new, not just when you are getting ready to sell it, but all year round.

Proper Maintenance is a Habit

There is no way around it; proper maintenance is a habit.  If you start neglecting your car, its likely things will go from bad to worse.  When you keep your car in great shape, it means that you are taking steps to protect your investment.  Outside of a home, the largest purchase most people make is a car.  Protecting that investment makes sense.  This means that if your car gets a small ding or minor body damage, take the time to find a reputable auto body repair shop who can fix it and restore your car to new condition.

How Do Others Perceive You?

Is it fair to be judged by your car?  Of course not, we’re all more than the car we drive.  But the world can be a cruel and unforgiving place.  You can be sure that people will judge you based on not just what kind of car you drive but the quality of the car’s appearance.  You might be tempted to think that this only applies to single people who need or want to impress the opposite sex, but the issue of a well maintained car is potentially far more important than your dating life.

If you are married with children, it could even alter how people treat your children.  Initially, most people have little information about you to go on and that means any outward signs you show the world will be carefully evaluated.  Again, is it fair?  No, but it is also reality.

Proper car maintenance can change how people perceive you in the workplace.  Keeping your car looking its best can make a difference in how you are treated at work.  There are good reasons why people climbing the corporate ladder are typically concerned with how they dress, what phones they own, the color of their ties, what watches they wear and, yes, the cars they drive.  Most successful people  know that people are watching, evaluating and judging.

Making the Sale

Of course, when it comes time to sell your car it’s likely that it will be in far better shape if you’ve been maintaining it all along.  A poorly maintained interior can show signs of wear like broken dials, cracked dashboards and stained upholstery. Likewise, a car’s exterior that is neglected will also be harder to bring back to life.  MSN Auto recently published an article called “Keeping Up Appearances” which points out that bird droppings need to be removed from your car through regular washings.  Otherwise, they can end up permanently bonding to the paint.

Caring about the exterior of your car means parking it in a garage when possible and protecting it from the sun.  You will also want to consider periodically waxing your car, as this adds a protective coating and will often even take care of minor damage.  Such measures have to be taken throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

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