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Tag: Cars and Kindess

At Ellis & Salazar, we believe that businesses should support their communities, and because of this, we make service a priority. We participate in a variety of programs, but one of our favorite traditions is the Cars and Kindness program, which we have been a part of for 14 years.

Cars and Kindness awards hard-working families with the life-changing gift of a car. The program began in the early 2000s and has awarded more than 60 families with vehicles of their own. These vehicles are more than just a set of wheels, they represent increased mobility, flexibility and stability for these much-deserving families.

The participating families are winners of the Responsible Parenting Awards, a program from Austin non-profit Child, Inc. For 14 years, the Responsible Parenting Awards have brought together a wide range of local businesses, community groups and individuals to recognize these hard-working parents. The award winners are participants in Child, Inc.’s programs, which include training to further their children’s early childhood education and strengthen their parenting skills.

These parents play an extremely active role in their children’s life, sometimes while laboring to go to school themselves in hopes of even further improving the lives of their children. For this reason, we don’t like to think of these families as winning a car, as much so as earning a car – all recipients have worked incredibly hard to support their family and are incredibly deserving of the vehicles they receive.

The parents write letters describing their situation and what having a vehicle would mean to them. For some parents, it could mean no longer worrying about dealing with a broken down vehicle on the way to work or regular, expensive trips to Austin body shops. For others, it could mean not having to ride different busses to school, work, the grocery store, and their child’s school. All of these hard-working participants are striving to improve the lives of their families, and all of their stories are inspiring.

The letters are reviewed and a family is selected. Different businesses from the Austin community come together to provide vehicles, refurbish them and provide insurance for the families, who then receive the cars at a special, heartfelt ceremony.

The program has touched many lives throughout the years, and has gained national recognition for its work. The US Department of Health and Human Services highlighted the Responsible Parenting Initiative as one of eight national models of “Promising Practices in Head Start” in 2007.

Our team looks forward to the Cars for Kindness program every year and we feel honored to participate. To learn more about why we decide to participate each year, click here. And if you have questions about caring for your vehicle, Austin paintless dent repair, or how you can get involved with the community, contact us today.

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