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Tag: driving in rain

5 Tips for Driving in Rain in Austin
Image courtesy shirokazan.

Driving in the rain can be scary, especially when you’re surrounded by other drivers on the road.  It’s estimated that approximately 24% of crashes each year are caused by wet road surfaces.

Being aware of simple tips to make driving in the rain safer will ease the anxiety caused by driving on wet roads.

5 Tips for Driving on Wet Roads:

1)      Allow Extra Time

Many drivers don’t drive with necessary caution during a storm, resulting in car accidents.   Rain often decreases visibility which means driving more slowly is necessary.  If at all possible, avoid driving until the storm has passed.  Even better, wait until the roads are dry.

2)      Remain Calm

Anxiety compounds poor driving decisions and can interfere with good concentration.  Remember to drive slowly, be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to other drivers and how they’re reacting to driving on wet roads.  Defensive driving is important when driving in bad weather.

3)      Turn on Headlights

Most newer cars come equipped with daytime running lights, but turning on your headlights makes you much more visible to other drivers.

4)      Get Rid of Distractions

Driving while distracted is an unfortunate habit many drivers get into.  There’s no time more important than driving in adverse weather to be sure you’re giving your full attention to the task at hand – arriving safely at your destination.  Turn off the radio, silence cell phones and ask passengers to allow you to fully concentrate on driving.

5)      Prepare Ahead with Preventative Maintenance

Making sure your tires have adequate tread and proper air pressure is vitally important to prevent hydroplaning on wet road surfaces.

Driving safely in inclement weather is possible.  Remember than not everyone is adequately prepared, so be even more cautious of other drivers as you navigate your way through driving during a thunderstorm.

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