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Tag: eco-friendly car paint

eco-friendly car paintMore than 50 years ago, paints used on vehicles were lacquer-based and it was later determined they posed health and environmental risks. Since then, there has been a focus on creating paints that offer a high-quality result, yet are safe and environmentally friendly.

Choosing body shop locations for a paint job on your vehicle requires some research. Depending on the auto body shop, it may use solvent-based paints or water-based. If you want to paint “green,” then water-based should be your choice.

The Quality of Water-Based Paint on a Car

A driver typically won’t notice a visible difference between water-based, or waterborne, paint versus solvent. The difference is evident to skilled paint technicians who must know how to properly apply this paint.

Waterborne paint is a heavier-viscosity material and applies three coats of coverage in about half a mil thickness. Because it is a thinner application, less clearcoat is required to smooth out the surface.

Auto painting with waterborne paint requires training. When the paint is wet, it gives off a different hue, which could confuse inexperienced paint technicians. The paint will dry to the desired color. Imperfections can be more prominent using this type of paint and it is more sensitive to humid conditions. Some paint manufacturers make a different version for humid climates.

How Waterborne Paints Differ

Most people are probably familiar with the strong odor of solvent-based paints when used indoors on a wall, because they have higher levels of organic solvents. When this type of paint dries, the solvent evaporates and releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that have a toxic impact in the air.

Acrylic emulsions in waterborne paints provide durability, faster drying, and less odor. Because they are less toxic and safer to the environment, they are quickly replacing solvent paints.

At Ellis & Salazar Automotive & Collision, our paint technicians are highly trained and can provide exceptional quality paint jobs. We use waterborne paints because we care about our environment. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate for your car’s paint job.

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