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Tag: flood damage

vehicle flood damageAnyone who is considering buying a pre-owned vehicle should always research the car’s history. After the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, that extra step is more important than ever to determine if a car has weather damage from the floods. Just weeks after the hurricane, the Insurance Council of Texas reported about 165,000 claims on vehicles that were damaged. How do you know to spot if a used car has flood damage?

Newer model cars are primarily computerized. It takes a certified auto technician to know if there is flood damage beyond the structure of the vehicle and more extensive damage to the operative parts of the car.

Have a Used Vehicle Inspected by a Certified Technician

Electrical and mechanical components may appear to function on a car, but not work as they should after a flood. This should be inspected by a technician who is certified by the auto maker and has been trained to know how all of the parts on a vehicle should work. A technician should also look at the engine and undercarriage to see if any repairs have been made.

Take a few moments to look up the car’s history. It may not tell you everything, but there are some immediate signs that the automobile was in a flood. Find the title for the car. Salvage or flood titles are given to cars that are totaled after flooding. Other vehicles could have a rebuilt title if it had enough repairs to pass inspection. Any pre-owned car should be inspected to determine its safety and how much life the car has left.

At Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision in Austin, Buda, Hutto, and San Marcos, we have technicians who are certified by individual automobile manufacturers and know exactly how a specific model should be safely repaired. Contact us today to determine if a pre-owned vehicle is safe to get out on the road.

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