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Follow safe driving tips to avoid a holiday visit to the body shop.Santa Claus has his sleigh that flies high over body shops in Austin, Hutto, Buda, and San Marcos. However, the rest of us have our cars that will pack the highways once again this holiday season. More cars mean more of a risk of a collision and needing the best auto body repair Austin has to offer.

With any road trip, it is helpful to give yourself extra time and remember to have patience. Consider these helpful tips before you leave and while you are on the road.

Be Well-Rested

That may sound difficult to accomplish during what can be a busy time for many people. It is important, especially if you are driving late at night, to have a good night of sleep before driving a vehicle for a road trip. If you feel exhausted, consider postponing travel.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving causes more than 72,000 car accidents each year.

Monitor Weather and Road Conditions

Plan ahead before you leave and check the weather and road conditions along the route you will drive. If there are hazardous weather conditions, consider what precautions you need to take, and think about if you need to postpone your trip. Be sure to monitor the conditions for the trip home.

Winter can bring snow at any time. If you do not have experience or you are not comfortable driving on snow, consider an alternate route, different method of travel, or avoiding travel altogether to avoid an accident.

Be Alert

Accidents can happen anywhere, not just on crowded highways. At any time, day or night, stay alert to your surroundings while you drive. If you travel down a road in a dark, wooded area, watch for deer or any other animals that could dart in front of your car.

During the day, if you drive in a residential area watch out for kids who may ride new bikes or play with new toys.

Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin body shop, has served the Austin area for more than 60 years. We live here and care about our community. It is our hope that everyone has a safe holiday season. If an accident does happen, give our team a call for a free estimate and we’ll take care of the rest so you can get back on the road again.

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