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We’ve all been there – traffic is thick, and you have a green light, but your lane is completely backed up on the other side of the intersection. A new campaign is urging Austin drivers to not “Block the Box” of the intersection by driving ahead if there is no room for their vehicle to completely pass through the intersection.

City officials are stressing that blocking an intersection when a light is red – even if it is due to other cars preventing you from making it all the way through – is illegal. And Austin police officers have warned that they will be out at area intersections to enforce the law. But beyond avoiding a ticket, why should drivers avoid blocking the box?

Safe Driving Prevents Austin Car Accidents

For one, the practice contributes to traffic jams and causes traffic delays. By blocking the box and preventing cross traffic from passing through when it’s their turn, you are traffic, campaign organizers say.

Blocking the box can also block pedestrians’ access to the crosswalk – a real safety concern for those on foot. What’s more, blocking the intersection can delay emergency vehicles who might need to pass through the area at any point.

Avoid Traffic Tickets & Collisions by Driving Safely

But with increasing awareness of the troubles tied to blocking the box, drivers can avoid the hassle and fees of an unwanted ticket. They can also avoid a trip to an Austin auto body shop due to a block-the-box fender bender at an area intersection. What’s more, the campaign should help traffic move a little smoother and quicker on our congested roads.

When an accident or fender bender or does occur, whether or not one of the parties was blocking the box, contact Ellis & Salazar for expert auto body repair in Austin, TX.

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