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towing to an auto body shopWhen you are involved in a collision, it probably feels like so much is happening at the same time. You are trying to assess injuries and damage, get information from the other driver, talk to law enforcement, and possibly reaching out to your insurance company. If your vehicle is not drivable, you also need to have your car towed to an auto body shop.

When choosing body shop places, you also have a choice on towing companies. If a tow truck shows up to the wreck without being requested or if it was at the request of an officer on the scene, you do not have to use that towing company.

Know What You Should Pay

There are a variety of fees associated with towing that include the actual towing fee, storage fees, and potentially other charges. If you decide to use a towing company that arrives to the scene of an accident, ask about all fees involved, where it will be towed, and if that location charges a storage fee.

Never allow a tow truck driver to take your car without knowing where it is going and the total amount you need to pay. Ask for a printed receipt for verification of charges and to give to your insurance company, if your policy includes roadside assistance.

Remember Insurance Policy Coverage

When you sign up for insurance with an agency, know exactly what is included in your coverage. Review your policy each time it renews. If roadside assistance and towing is included in your policy, use it when needed. Keep in mind that many policies only cover towing for a limited number of miles.

If your policy does not include towing, think about any other benefits you have, such as a credit card or AAA, that may save you from paying for that tow.

If you have an accident and your vehicle is not drivable, contact our team at Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an auto body shop in Austin. We can schedule a tow for you with a reliable company and work with your insurance company on the claim. We believe in providing efficient, high quality repairs so you can get back on the road.

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