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Once you leave a dealership, an accident could happen at any time. It’s important to find an Austin collision center with trained technicians and the latest equipment to repair your vehicle.

technology at austin collision center

Collision repair on new vehicles goes beyond fixing dents in the car’s body. A majority of a newer car’s operating functions are computerized, and technicians need to have current training to have the skills for using the technology required to make the repairs. Some body shops in Austin can make the repairs, but some may not be able to repair the newest models.

The Right Repair Equipment

It takes new equipment to provide collision repair on the latest vehicles. Find out if you can visit a body shop before taking your car there. If you see technology that looks older, that shop may not have the ability to make the repairs properly.

Maintaining the latest technology to repair new vehicles is a costly expense for any Austin body shop. This is why some Austin body shops have joined together under the same ownership.

Certified Repair

As you talk to someone about their technology at Austin collision center, ask about the training for technicians and if they are certified. Inquire about certification by your vehicle manufacturer. Manufacturers train technicians to repair a vehicle to their specifications. If your vehicle is hybrid, ask if anyone has received training for hybrid vehicles.

A few years ago, manufacturers introduced more than 140 redesigned cars to the market. This means must learn about new features on the vehicles and how to make the repairs.

Training should be frequent and recent. If a technician was last trained a few years ago, that may not help your brand new vehicle.

The team of technicians at Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, an Austin body shop, completes ongoing training from manufacturers and other sources so the repairs to your car are exactly as the manufacturer requires. We also routinely invest in the latest technology. Our team can repair your vehicle no matter how old or how new. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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