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After a car accident, a driver must decide whether or not to repair his or her car. If it was a accident, you’ll need to find the best collision repair Austin offers to determine repair costs.

The insurance company determines if the repairs are more than the current value of the vehicle. Then the agent decides if the car is repairable or totaled. At this point in the process, it helps to understand your insurance policy.

Insurance Company Declares My Vehicle Totaled – Now What?

An Austin body shop will inspect the damage and provide a repair estimate to the insurance company. At that time, the insurer determines if the repair cost is more than the current value of the vehicle. If it is, the insurer declares the car totaled and will not pay for the repair.

Take another good look at your insurance policy to know what to expect in terms of your coverage for a car that is not repairable. This prepares you for the payment they will provide. If you disagree, do some research before contacting your agent. Take a look at prices online for your year, make, and model of vehicle. Talk with used car dealers for their estimate and also let your insurance agent know of any custom or additional features on your vehicle.

Repairing a Totaled Car

If the vehicle that was wrecked was a daily commuter, repairing the car may not be important. However, some cars hold a sentimental value for owners, whether they are classics, a handed down vehicle from a loved one, or a first car.

When a car owner wants to repair a totaled vehicle, the insurance company should be notified soon after the car is totaled. The insurer will take out the car’s salvage value from the total it was going to pay for the current value. A salvage title is necessary to drive the vehicle again. The repair costs are your responsibility and not your insurance company.

At Ellis & Salazar Automotive and Collision, we provide collision repair Austin, our team of technicians understand what it takes to repair vehicles with extensive damage and to make the car safe to drive again.

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